HI-TECH Solutions
Network Servers, Workstations and Software Solutions.
Data Recovery Services
Accidental File Deletion, Forensic Data Recovery and Device Failure Recovery.
Online Marketing
Website Design, Branding and Search Engine Optimization.
Legal Case E-Discovery
Finding Needles in the Haystack: E-Discovery Search Technology.
Linux Server
X-ChangeGate: The all-in-one low cost secure office server solution.
Graphics Design
Web Marketing, Marketing Videos, Logo Design and More.
Founded in 1990, and formerly known as “Netmenz.com” Cyberian Digital Technology is a network tech support company located in East Tennessee, dedicated to providing its customers with superior service and solutions. We have over 30 years of experience providing businesses with network solutions and services designed for their specific markets.
Cyberian Digital Technology provides support for both Microsoft and Linux networks. We provide network design, installation, hardware and software, data recovery services, and digital online marketing services.
We create digital tech solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.
From start to finish, Cyberian Digital Technology offers complete computer solutions customized for all your business needs. We provide computer equipment including hardware and software, computer repair, network installation and security, web site design and web hosting, database programming and development, data recovery services and other technical support. Whatever your digital technology needs, we will be happy to assist you.
Our performance is your success!
The solutions we provide are soundly based on our years of experience in designing solutions for business.
What makes Cyberian Digital Technology different from the other tech support companies? In a word, Experience! With over 30 years of experience with PCs, PC Networks and software, Cyberian Digital Technology can resolve your problems quickly, and efficiently. We will not be sending technicians who will be “learning on the job”, or who will leave you with more problems then when they arrived.
our lab
We have one of the most advanced private technology labs in East Tennessee designed to serve each and every clients needs.

Specialized Law Firm Services

We specialize in providing Network solutions for small to mid-size Law Firms. Whether you are a sole practitioner, or have several employees and multiple locations, we have a solution that will efficiently organize and manage your documents and case information.

We installed out first legal networking solution for a Knoxville, TN law firm in 1998. Since then, we have helped numerous firms upgrade their existing Networks with software specifically designed to optimize the organization and efficiency of dealing with their cases.

Meet Goliath!
Goliath is a mini super computer consisting of ten nodes. 76 cores and 144 threads of raw processing power. Goliath can index over 500,000 discovery documents in 24 hrs.
In order to identify and preserve facts in a pristine state, we have the necessary tools in our digital forensics lab to examine digital media in a safe and forensic manner.
Device Failure
We can help by recovering your data from failing storage devices, such as disk drives, flash drives, camera drives, and solid state drives.
Accidental File Deletion
We can recover files from an accidental deletion, format of a storage device or data corruption.

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